Storytelling for Social Media Marketing
Exploit the full potential of hashtags to grow your business, increase sales, broaden your audience.
Engage social network users in real time. Promote to people who are posting with hashtags related to your brand, content or service. Reach a captive audience.
Why use Seejay
Real-time, in-topic advertising for innovative campaigns.
Increase qualified traffic to your website
Embed Seejay Social Walls on your delivery platforms. Engage your readers. Exponentially increase your audience.
Acquire new customers, increase sales
Push out marketing campaigns to targets interested in your offer. Seejay helps you increase visibility and reach new customers.
Expand you social network communities
Increase followers of your social pages. Turn fans and followers into brand ambassadors.

+50% traffic    +15% sales    -70% budget
How it works?
Harness the full potential of hashtags to grow your business, increase sales, broaden your audience.
Create your Social Wall and engage your audience
Identify hashtags related to your business and build your Social Wall. Choose from all primary social networks. Add text, photos, videos, and content you created or found online.

You can also add content from social network pages. Choose a template and customize your Social Wall layout. Publish your Social Wall wherever you want - on your website, blog, or social media pages.

Launch your marketing campaign
Promote your content, products and services with a single click to:
  • users featured in your Social Wall;
  • users posting with hashtags related to your business;
  • social media followers and account users;
  • other social media profiles related to your business.
Successful marketing campaigns deliver their message to a targeted audience. The hashtags on Seejay Social Walls ensure alignment between the products and services you want to promote and the audience you're promoting to, exponentially increasing your conversion rates.

Monitor buzz on social media
Find out which social networks have greater audience potential for your business. Identify influencers and top contributors. Give voice to those who promote your business.

Discover hashtags and popular topics related to your business. Listen to social network with a simple, efficient, and innovative service to create more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.
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