Storytelling for Social Media Marketing!
Exploit the full potential of hashtags to grow your business, increase sales, broaden your audience.
Real-time engagement of social network users who are posting with hashtags related to your business.

Promote your content, products and services only to an in-target audience.
Why to use Seejay
Try Seejay, the real-time in-topic advertising service for your innovative and highly performing marketing campaigns.
Increase qualified traffic to your website
Embed the Social Walls on your platform, engage your audience, increase your audience exponentially.
Acquire new customers, increase your sales
Your marketing campaigns are finally addressed only to targets interested in your offer. Seejay also increases your visibility, allowing you to reach new customers
Expand you social network communities
Increase the followers of your social pages, turn fans and followers into brand ambassadors

+50% traffic    +15% sales    -70% budget
How does it work?
Exploit the full potential of hashtags to grow your business, increase sales, broaden your audience.
Create your Social Wall and engage your audience
Identify the hashtags related to your business and build your Social Wall. You have all the the main social networks, you can insert text, photos and video. You can also add your own content and content gathered from the Web.

You can also add content from your social pages or from pages that have social importance for you. You can choose among multiple templates and customize the layout of the Social Wall. You can publish the Social Wall wherever you want, on your website, blog, on your social pages.

Launch your marketing campaign
You have the opportunity to promote, directly and with a single click, your content, products and services to::
  • users you have included in your Social Wall;
  • users who are posting with hashtags related to your offer;
  • followers of pages and accounts related with what you want to promote;
  • social profiles that you believe important for your business.
For the success of a marketing campaign it is essential to pass the message to the correct target. The hashtag ensure alignment between the products and services you want to promote and the audience you address, exponentially increasing the conversion rates of the marketing campaign.

Monitor the buzz on social networks
Find out which social networks have the greater audience potential for your business; identify influencers and top contributors, give voice to those who promote your business.

Discover hashtags and popular topics related to your business. Listen to the social network with a simple, efficient, and innovative service to create more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.
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