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Hashtag for Peace

Nel campo sportivo di Akum dopo la Run tutti assieme, giochi e sport x tutti i gusti. ...queste qui le abbiamo messe... nel sacco! ...


#Run4Unity 2016 Argentina Bahia Blanca I preparativi del Run Con los chicos y jovenes de Bahia seguimos apostando al hermoso proyecto de la Caminata por la Paz....un pequeño pero ...

#Run4Unity 2016 From Sydney Ian: I felt happy that many people joined and gathered for Run4Unity. I played many interesting games and my favourite was the last game which was ...

#Run4Unity Nuova Caledonia De plus nous avons eu la chance de la vivre avec nos frères et sœurs les protestants❤️ des moments de partage de joie d'amour et de beaucoup ...

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