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Seejay is a social media marketing service: it enables brands and publishers to engage in real time all social network users potentially interested in their product offerings, services, content.

Seejay allows you to run three different types of marketing campaigns:
- Hashtags and Keywords: social network users are engaged based on hashtags and keywords they are using. This type of campaign works on Twitter.
- Followers and Influencers: users of social networks are engaged according to the accounts they are following and on the basis of the influence analysis of the topics and interests of the brand or publisher. This type of campaign works on Twitter.
- Social Wall: brands and publishers create Social Walls on hashtags, keywords, topics of interest and may engage users inserted in the Social Walls with notifications. This type of campaign works on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Seejay also allows to create the storytelling of Events With advanced Social Walls that can collect content from all the biggest social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube, Google+, Flickr. Moreover, thanks to our multi source Social Walls, we can tell the business of the customer with a power of engagement and communication skills that creates trust and loyalty in final users.