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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Step 1: Search and Curate

  • What does the swtich "Content Curation / Automated Collection" do?

    It controls the collection mode for content. Content Curation is the manual selection of search results by clicking on each item you want to insert in your Social Wall. Automated Collection is the automatic collection of content: once a hashtag has been chosen and a graphic template selected, the Social Wall will automatically collect and display content for the hashtag of your choice. This second option speeds up the building your Social Wall and is available with paid plans.

  • How can I search for content?

    Queries can be submitted in three different ways: by #hashtag, by @username, and by keyword or topic.

  • What kind of content is returned by social networks?

    Social networks provide publicly shared content only. Twitter does not search for content older than 7 days when searching by hashtag. There is no time limtiation when searching for content on Twitter profiles. Facebook does not provide any content by hashtags, it is however possible to collect Facebook content for hashtags using the Seejay Google Chrome Extension (download link on user dashboard).

  • How many social wall layout templates are available to create a Social Wall?

    Content layouts are called templates. There are five layouts available in Seejay, the Brick template is selected by default (it can be changed into another layout by clicking on the corrensponding gear icon).
    Brick: brick layout, mimics a Pintrest page layout.
    Timeline: chronological layout, similar to the Facebook timeline.
    Gallery: slideshow of content.
    Map: only works with geolocalized content which can be identified by a specific icon.
    Single: only displays one piece of content, it can be used to enhance an element in a Social Wall. Social Walls can contain more than one template. Bricks and Timelines can contain an unlimited number of elements;
    Gallery templates can hold up to 300 elements;
    Single can only hold 1 element;
    Maps can hold up to 50 elements.

  • How do I choose and select the elements of my Social Wall?

    The elements of your Social Wall are selected by clicking on them. When clicked, the element enters the currently selected template. The currently selected template is identified by an orange side bar. Templates appear on the right side of the screen under "Your Social Wall". The Brick template is selected by default and can be replaced with another template by clicking on the corresponding gear icon. To add more templates to the Social Wall, just click on "Add a new template to this Social Wall" and pick the template you want.

  • How do I delete the items from my Social Wall?

    Each template can be customized and edited using the gear icon (settings). Once you click on the icon, choose "Manage" and delete any items you no longer want to feature.

  • How do I delete a template from my Social Wall?

    During the selection of the items, simply click on the selected item. If the content was already included in the Social Wall and you want to delete, each template of the Social Wall has its own Options button: the gear icon. From here, by clicking on "Manage", it is possible to delete one or more elements inserted in the Social Wall.

  • What does the paper airplane do?

    Click on this icon to view and select content posted by users via the "Request contributions" form located at the bottom of the Social Wall.

  • What is the arrow button under the magnifying glass?

    It changes the display order of search results according to one of the listed criteria.

  • What is the gear icon placed above every layout template?

    The gear icon opens up a menu with various options for customizing your template. The options are: change template without losing content; rename your Social Wall; change order or delete elements; duplicate a template and its contents; remove a template from your Social Wall.

  • How can I preview my Social Wall?

    It is possible to have a preview from Step 2 Customize or by clicking the "Preview" button.

  • Can my social wall feature both manual content curation and automated streams?

    Yes. Social Walls can feature both templates with elements chosen via content curation and templates with an automated stream.

  • Is it possible to have private Social Walls?

    Yes. The Social Wall is public by default. To make it private simply go to your dashboard and click the lock icon for the Social Wall to be set private.

  • How often will an automated stream update on my Social Wall?

    Update frequency depends upon the purchased plan. For Basic plans update is every hour; for Pro plans the update is every 30 minutes; live update is available for Custom plans.

  • Step 2: Customize

  • What elements of the Social Wall can be edited?

    It is possible to edit: title, description, colors and font family; insert text between templates and at the top and bottom of your Social Wall; move and delete templates; remove the top bar with Social Wall meta-data. With paid plans it is also possible to download content received by users via the "Request contributions" form (to view and download, simply click on the paper airplane icon during Step 1), it is possible to upload your own content to the Social Wall (during Step 1 Search & Curate); insert Google Analytics tracking code to your wall; replace the Seejay logo with your own. For customizations not listed above, contact sales@seejay.co to discuss a custom plan.

  • What it the "Request contributions" button?

    This is an important and distinctive feature of Seejay. It allows to add at the bottom of the Social Wall an online form to receive content from contributors of your Social Wall. It opens, in other words, another collection channel for content based on the direct participation of all those who interact with the Social Wall. Incoming content can be viewed, selectes and inserted into the Social Wall by clicking on the paper airplane icon at Step 1 Search & Curate.

  • How often is the view counter updated?

    When the Social Wall is embedded, the counter is updated every 24 hours.

  • Step 3: Publish

  • How and where can I publish my Social Wall?

    Social Walls can be shared on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+); shared by e-mail; published on you own Seejay profile represented by your dashboard (publication is automatica once reached Step 3 Publish); displayed on websites and blogs using the embed code available at Step 3.

  • What is the code in the "Embed" box?

    It's the code needed to embed the Social Wall on blogs, websites, CMSs. This code has to be copied and pasted into the destination page where the Social Wall has to appear.

  • Step 4: Promote

  • How does the Promote feature work?

    From step 4 you can launch hashtags and keywords campaigns; followers and influencers; Social Wall, once the Social Wall has been built in the three previous steps. The campaigns are effective from the paid Pro plan. To go beyond the limitations on the number of messages/mentions (max 5000 messages/mentions per month) you must purchase a Custom plan or opt for a performance model.

    For campaigns on Twitter and Instagram, you must connect your Twitter and Instagram profiles to Seejay.
    Twitter campaign consists of sending mention that has the Twitter account linked to Seejay as sender. Instagram The campaign consists of a comment on the photos posted in the Social Wall: the comment has the Instagram account connected to Seejay as sender.
    Mentions will be visible on your Twitter profile under "Tweets and Replies" for a number of days chosen by the customer and mentions that have not received interactions (reply, favorite, retweet) will be deleted. Once mentions have been deleted, the system will resume with the sending of the mentions.
    On Facebook, at the moment, you can only schedule the posting on your Facebook page, of the Social Wall created. You can specifically set the message of the post, insert an image, and set the frequency with which the post will be posted on your Facebook page.

  • What is a Twitter Mention?

    Twitter mentions are messages of 140 characters or less that are sent from your Twitter account connected to Seejay and are directly targeted to Twitter users selected at Step 4 Promote.

  • Can I stop the mentions and comments while being sent?

    Yes, just access Step 4 Promote and click "Edit" for active campaigns.

  • How many mentions and comments can one user receive?

    To avoid spam practices when sending mentions and comments, each user can only receive a single mention and a single message per marketing campaign.

  • Where can I see the history of campaigns?

    Old and completed campaigns are shown under "Completed campaigns".

  • How many mentions can be sent in total?

    With the Free-Cricket version, you can send up to 100 Mentions. With the Basic-Fox package, you can send up to 900 Mentions. With the Tiger package and up, you can send an unlimited number of Mentions. From the Tiger package onwards there are no limitations to the number of sendable mentions. Keep in mind that Twitter caps your daily tweets to 1,000 per day. This is why we have limited Mentions to 900 a day in order to leave 100 tweets per day for non automated tweets. If, for example, there are 10,000 recipients for your campaign, the campaign will last at least 11 days.

  • How can i strenthen my promotional campaign with Seejay?

    Sending mentions via Twitter and comments via Instagram generates qualified buzz. It is recommended to assign a resource (a social media manager) to handle the buzz in the interest of the client that launched the promote campaign. Buzz management is available in Custom plans.

  • Step 5: Analytics

  • What can I do with the Analytics?

    The Analytics are accessible only starting from Pro plans. Using the Analytics you can monitor the performance of your Social Wall, better understand the characteristics of the public you have reached, and follow the #hashtags of your interest. Specifically it is possible:
    - identify which social networks have the greatest potential for increasing your audience and customers;
    - identify trending topics in real time
    - sentiment analysis on your Social Wall and on topics related to you business;
    - identify influencers and top contributors on topics connected to your business;
    - identify the geographic distribution of content related to the Social Wall.

  • Is it possible to export the Analytics?

    It is available upon request, with a Custom plan.

  • Dashboard

  • How do I delete a Social Wall?

    Each Social Wall has a gear button that contains, among various options, an option to delete the Social Wall.

  • What is the message bubble icon?

    It indicates whether new content has arrived from the "Request contributions" form.

  • What is the lock icon?

    The lock icon shows when a Social Wall is private (and therefore only visible via direct link) or public (open to everyone). By clicking on it, you can switch its state and go from public (open lock) to private (closed lock) and vice versa. All Social Walls are public by default.

  • What options are provided via the gear icon?

    The gear icon allows you to go to any of the 3 steps necessary to create a Social Wall, i.e. "Search and Curate," "Customize," and "Publish". You can also delete your Social Wall.

  • Paid Plans


    You are entitled to a refund only in case of malfunctions and service disruption caused by Seejay. Requests for refunds must be sent by certified mail or raccomandata within 30 days from the date when distruption occurs.