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Hashtags and keywords campaigns

Campaigns targeting users grouped by hashtags and keywords.

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Followers and influencers campaigns

Campaigns targeting influencers and followers of other accounts connected to your business.

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Social Walls campaigns

Campaigns based on Social Walls, targeting Social Wall contributors.

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How it works

Campaigns on hashtags and keywords

We identify hashtags and keywords related to your business. We only engage users who are highly targeted and interested in your business.

We send real time marketing message to social network users who are using these hashtags and keywords.

We select target users using criteria such as: interests; location; demographics, content semantics, sentiment.

How it works

Campaigns on followers and influencers

We identify social networks accounts related to your business (competitors, related accounts). We only engage in target users and users genuinely interested in your business.

We send your commercial message to the followers of these accounts, selecting them according to their relevance.

It is also possibile to address the campaign to top influencers relevant for your business sector. Influencers are identified by: number of followers, level of activity, interactions with audience.

How it works

Social Walls campaigns

Create Social Walls with content from your hashtags and accounts or with content from hashtags related to your business.

Notify users incluced in your Social Walls, engage them and turn them into ambassadors of your brand and new prospects.

You can choose users to include in your Social Walls using our exclusive social networks content search engine.

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